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NFTs EXPLAINED ft. Aleyna Dogan: Writer For VaynerNFT And Creator Of NFTimes


June 7, 2022

This week we chat with Aleyna Dogan, breaking down the seemingly complex nature of NFTs, the web3 space, and why it's relevant to twentysomethings.

Aleyna is both an entrepreneur and writer currently working at VaynerNFT. Having started NFTimes, the weekly comprehensive NFT newsletter last July, she continues to expand her role in the new web3 world. With a focus on the grave importance of techno-philosophy issues, she now consults and assists the on-boarding of artists, especially women, LGBTQ+ and people from other underrepresented groups into the web3 space.

In this explained episode, the pair reflect on Aleyna’s upbringing in Turkey and the lifelong fascination with technology that ultimately led her towards her college education at NYU. Aleyna takes us through her journey from the sparking curiosity of fake news and crafted algorithms to a full blown writing career in the web3 space. Conversations focused on explaining the web3 space, how NFTs work, and the future of the internet are the tip of the iceberg in this week’s episode.

With NFTs emerging as a common topic of conversation, how many of us truly know what they are, how they work, and what role we play in this new web space? Twentysomethings, your answers are finally here! Lock in on this one-hour explained episode featuring the woman who writes the content you read, Aleyna Dogan!

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