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about her

Erica Wenger is an early stage investor, content creator, and serial entrepreneur with an exit under her belt and a passion to help founders doing it for the first time.


Her angel investing track record, founding/operating experience, and community building experience (TEDx, national podcast) have made her a go-to thought partner for community-driven entrepreneurs building at the earliest stages.


She currently serves as the GP at Park Rangers Capital where they invest in early software startups that turn their customers into members and their companies into communities or as they like to call them: elephant companies.


Erica is passionate about bringing transparency to the tech industry, so young and diverse talent know how to build great businesses and get them funded!

businesses she's helped build

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Head of Platform

Owner of founder experience, including all programming. Providing post-investment support and services to portfolio founders, leading brand, content, and operations, building community.

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Founding Teammate, Chief of Staff

2nd employee at Madefor, a behavioral science start-up focused on building positive habits through small, simple steps. Worked with team to build Madefor from just an idea to a multi-million dollar business.

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Built a B2B apparel company that designed, sold, and shipped custom apparel on behalf of 150+ nonprofits. Sold all partnerships to Bonfire Funds, inc.

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Developed a unique, plant-based vegan bacon. Sold trademark to Earth Burgers, LLC.

Executive Director

Led and collaborated with Executive Team of 30 student leaders for the annual OWN IT Women’s Leadership Summit rooted in: feminism, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility.

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Founding General Partner


At PRC, we invest in pre-seed/seed stage software startups that turn their customers into members and their companies into communities or as we like to call them: elephant companies (you can read the foundational essay on elephant companies here).

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groups she's a part of

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She was lucky enough to give a TEDx Talk on why she believes social entrepreneurship will change the world. Giving the talk was one of the most challenging, but rewarding experiences. Working with her cohort of other TED speakers, she was in awe of their brilliance and passion. With them leading the way, the world is in good hands. Check out their talks here.

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She decided to invest and become a member of the BFF community led by the incredible entrepreneurs, Brit Morin and Jaime Schmidt. BFF is a women-led community for the crypto curious. Started by 100+ leaders across industries, BFF is an open-access community with a mission to help women and non-binary people get educated, connected, and empowered in web3.

Fireside logo

She was selected to be a Founding Creator on this participatory entertainment platform where listeners can be part of the show. The incredible team led by Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi also supported her vision in bringing the Dear Twentysomething Podcast to life. Check out some of the other founding creators on the platform here.

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She decided to invest and become a member of the Boss Beauties community led by the fearless entrepreneur, Lisa Mayer. Boss Beauties is a women-led global initiative that creates opportunities for girls and women through cutting-edge collaborations like the NYSE, the United Nations, Rolling Stone, Marvel, Hugo Boss, Barbie, Neiman Marcus, and many more.

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