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Sarah Moret - Founder & CEO of Curie


May 9, 2022

This week we chat with Sarah Moret. Sarah is the founder and CEO of Curie, a personal care brand that makes safe and clean body basics that "do their damn job.” Like most good ideas, Curie was born out of a personal need and eliminates the struggle to find natural personal-care products that were both non-toxic AND effective. Sarah bootstrapped the brand on $12k savings, and within six months Curie was hitting six-figure revenues with zero marketing budget; ultimately growing the brand from one cult-favorite natural deodorant to a staple purchase sold in stores nationwide.

In this episode, the pair reveals Sarah’s journey to entrepreneurship and the detailed preparation that went into the “Shark Tank” debut that launched Curie into the public eye. Sarah recalls her hustle into the world of venture capital and the experiences that ultimately kick-started her career. The passion and hustle embedded in her journey to Curie are but two key ingredients for Sarah's recipe to a successful business. Conversations on the rarity of safe AND effective body products, the hidden blessing of rejection, and the complex preparation behind seemingly effortless branding are just a glimpse into this episode.

Twentysomethings, if you’ve ever considered starting a business of your own, get ready for this one-hour interview that will leave you wanting more with the inspiring Sarah Moret!

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