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Kelly Rutherford: Actress and Founder of Sovereign Collective & Whyzzer


January 31, 2022

This week we chat with Kelly Rutherford. Kelly Rutherford is a mother, actress, and entrepreneur. You may know her as Megan Lewis from soap opera Melrose Place or from Gossip Girl where she played the iconic role of Lily van der Woodsen. After decades in the entertainment industry, Kelly has more recently entered the world of entrepreneurship.

Kelly is currently the co-founder of two business: Sovereign Collective and Whyzzer. Sovereign Collective is a global shopping website where go-to partner for businesses abroad to scale and be discovered. Their mission is to help brands abroad reach a greater audience, tell the stories behind the world's best creators, and make scaling easy, efficient, and meaningful.

Kelly's other venture, Whyzzer, is building a creator-focused app centered on educating its users. Their mission is to create the education of tomorrow, building a globally available database of knowledge, experience and expertise. They are still in the early stages, but Kelly gives a sneak peek to our listeners in the episode.

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