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Jessica Wenger McPhaul: Emmy-Nominated Costume Designer, Founder Of NAKED REBELLION


June 28, 2022

This week we chat with Jessica Wenger McPhaul. Jessica is an Emmy-nominated costume designer and the founder of NAKED REBELLION, a nude lingerie brand offering products for every shade on Earth. Having graduated from FIDM and spent over ten years in the Costumers’ Union moving from set to set, Jessica found the inspiration for her brand when faced with challenges in finding undergarments designed for all skin shades and body types. From “House of Cards” to NAKED REBELLION, Jessica’s here for an inside scoop on her journey to entrepreneurship!

In this episode, the pair go back to the beginning of Jessica’s journey as a teen in Scottsdale, AZ who found her start in the world of costume design as a result of a criminal littering charge. Incorporating her passion for fashion into a “yes mentality,” Jessica reveals the trials and tribulations of her twenties and the decisions she made to land her success. Conversations on ditching college, production craziness, and starting a business with loved ones are the tip of the iceberg to this week’s episode.

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