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Courtney Claghorn: Co-Founder Of Sugared + Bronzed


June 14, 2022

This week we chat with Courtney Claghorn. You probably know Courtney best as the Co-Founder of Sugared + Bronzed, everyone’s go-to sugaring hair removal and sunless tanning destination. Having revolutionized airbrush tanning with a proprietary solution and revived an all-natural, ancient Egyptian form of hair removal called sugaring, Courtney created the flawless destination we all know and love. With locations across California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas, this is just the beginning for Sugared + Bronzed.

In this episode, the pair backtrack Courtney's journey to Sugared + Bronzed starting with her college experience between Colorado and Los Angeles. Morphing her passion for film with her career in entrepreneurship, Courtney reveals several parallels between the industries. Conversations of improv acting, dreadful work-shifts, and building an empire with the love of your life are just a peek into this week’s episode.

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