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Ashley Merrill: Founder Of Lunya And Lahgo, Co-Founder Of The Deep, And Chairwoman Of Outdoor Voices


May 31, 2022

This week we chat with Ashley Merrill. As founder of Lunya and Lahgo, Ashley is reinventing sleepwear for modern women and men, respectively; both brands share a simple mission: to champion rest in people’s lives. Ashley is also cofounder of The Deep, a media platform that makes philosophy and personal exploration accessible through thought provoking questions, and the Chairwoman of Outdoor Voices.

In this episode, the pair recall Ashley’s SoCal native upbringing and the choices and obstacles throughout her twenties that brought her fortune and success later down the road. Ashley recalls the intrinsic motivation and ambition that pushed her along her path as she left law and culinary in the past and hustled her way into the world of venture capital trading income for experience. Conversations on the philosophy of debate, employing her mother, and how to vision and work towards your life are just a glimpse into this hour-packed episode.

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