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Alli Webb: Founder of Dryer, Squeeze, Okay Humans, & Beckett & Quill, President at Canopy


March 28, 2022

This week we chat with Alli Webb. You probably know Alli best as the co-founder of Drybar, the whimsical salon that made blowouts as accessible and budget-friendly as your favorite skinny vanilla latte. The pair shuffles through memories of Alli’s twenties as she supplemented college for a life in New York City and navigated her way through different job opportunities. Conversations on failed interviews, walking dogs down Madison Avenue, and raising two kids are just a glimpse into this week’s episode. Fueled by a determination to manage her curly hair and a passion for exploration in her twenties, Alli discloses her secrets to success in the beauty industry. Yes, she’s an extremely successful entrepreneur and investor. But yes, she’s also just like you—a woman who survived a public divorce and found love on the other side. A mom who bravely and full heartedly sent her son to rehab. A person who loves to give back and finds value in not only how well her ventures do, but how they make people feel—how she makes people feel.

Twentysomethings, get ready for an hour with the ambitious Alli Webb, as she reveals the inspiration and drive behind a simple start-up business that transformed into the Drybar empire.

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